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Our History

SUITA Electric Corporation (SUITA) is a worldwide leader in delivering cutting-edge electrical test and measurement solutions. 

As a trusted consultant, our customers include the world's foremost manufacturers and leaders in automotives, batteries, solar power, energy storage, semiconductors, and leaders in manufacturing and R&D. We provide customers with excellent test and measurement performance, reliable services, and an insightful user experience. Leveraging years of innovation, SUITA integrates equipment, software, and service in a unique and novel way. This approach empowers our customers to quickly and reliably complete testing and upgrading of products across various fields including renewable energy. 

At SUITA, we redefine industry standards, enabling our clients to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape of electrical testing and measurement.

Established SUITA Electric (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., our China headquarters, marking a significant expansion to serve the dynamic Chinese market.
Event for 2023
Completed a comprehensive upgrade of three digital power analyzers, delivering high-precision instruments to Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama.
Event for 2022
Launched the DC Power Supply, a new addition to our product lineup, broadening our offerings to meet evolving industry needs.
Event for 2021
Upgraded a series of SBT Battery Testers, reflecting our commitment to continuous improvement and staying at the forefront of battery testing technology.
Event for 2020
Globally launched the SCTX/SCTH Current Sensor, expanding our product portfolio to offer advanced solutions in current measurement.
Event for 2019
Held the inaugural overseas brand launch event in Shanghai, China. Participated in the 10th Tokyo International Secondary Battery Exhibition. Joined Japanese government agencies in exhibiting products at the GITEX in Dubai, UAE, demonstrating our global reach.
Founded SUITA Electric Corporation in Osaka, Japan, marking the inception of our company and commitment to providing innovative testing solutions.
Event for 2017
Filed a patent for the dedicated core noise reduction algorithm of SPAW7000 Power Analysis Wavecorder, marking the first supply of this advanced instrument to Panasonic Shiga Plant.
Commenced mass production testing of the SPA3000 and SPA1000 Digital Power Meters.
Event for 2015
Launched SPA1000 Digital Power Meter for manufacturing lines.
Event for 2014
Launched the beta version of SPA3000 Digital Power Meter,marking the first supply of the digital power meter to Mitsubishi Motors Shizuoka Plant.
Launched the beta version of SPAW7000 Power Analysis Wavecorder, featuring an accuracy of 0.01%.