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Integrate SUITA's battery testing solutions with your devices to unlock exceptional performance data. Our iterative approach ensures adaptability to your evolving needs, keeping you ahead in the competitive landscape.
Key Benefits
Customer Satisfaction
SUITA regards "Customer Satisfaction" as the guiding principle of our corporate conduct.
Always adopt a customer-centric perspective, emphasizing understanding and enhancing the customer's experience.
Focusing on Product
Concentrate on enhancing the inherent performance of the product to make it adaptable to address various measurement scenarios.
Rigorous Technology
Conduct on-site assessments of requirements, meticulously optimize each solution to ensure practical resolution of customer needs.
The SUITA solution is designed to assist you in delivering services that go beyond customer expectations. Explore how we can help you overcome major challenges.
Lithium-ion Battery Safety Performance Testing
The safety problems caused by lithium-ion battery has become a topic arousing wide concern. To ensure its safety, the design, manufacturing and usage of lithium-ion battery must be regulated by strict quality control and safety measures. SUITA provides the SBT300 Battery Tester with high accuracy for battery internal resistance testing. It can accurately measure the safety performance indicators of lithium-ion battery, monitor these data in real time and save the measurements. Lithium-ion battery safety performance testing mostly involves core parameter measurement, including voltage and internal resistance, to ensure its stability and safety.
Photovoltaic Energy Storage Testing Solution
Today, countries around the world are vigorously building a new type of power system with a primary focus on renewable energy. The most prominent feature of this new power system is the dominant role played by sources like photovoltaic and wind energy within the power structure. The grid is evolving into a layout consisting of “large grid + active distribution grid + microgrid” to optimize the utilization of alternative energies and balance the grid load, giving rise to the mainstream power system known as “Photovoltaic + Energy Storage”. Energy storage systems have the capacity to significantly alleviate the instability of renewable energy power generation. They can swiftly provide the grid with energy buffering, thereby maintaining stable voltage and frequency within the grid.