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Industrial Robot Motor Testing Solution

Industrial robot is widely used as articulated robot manipulator or multi-degree-of-freedom machine with certain automation. It can support various processing and manufacturing with its own power source and control ability. Industrial robot is extensively applied in electronics, logistics, chemical engineering and other industrial fields. With the development of the times, a lot of heavy, repeated or meaningless routine work completed by human will be done by industrial robots in the future.

With the continuous expansion of industrial robot application, the demand for its coordinating equipment is also on the rise. If an unqualified robot malfunctions during operation, it might cause economic loss, and in more severe cases, it could result in casualties. In this case, it is essential to run tests on industrial robots.

Solution Introduction

In order to assess industrial robot motor drive, the power consumption of the motors and controllers under all kinds of working conditions must be measured for the whole process. In order to analyze and study the control process and assess the transient characteristics of industrial robots, their transient voltage, current, power and variation trend must be measured and these measurements must be stored for further analysis. Our power analyzer can measure and analyze the motor rotor position of industrial robots with motor-channel-input rotate speed and torque and other signals, and calculate the rotation angle of the motor through the corresponding algorithm. Same measurement is conducted on the motor under different conditions to assess the stability of the robot. Our SPAW7000 Power Analysis Wavecorder has a sampling rate up to 2MHz with waveform math operation features. It can measure transient power and it is equipped with a 512G/1TG large-capacity memory. The instrument can conduct seven-channel harmonic analysis with different phase locked loop (PLL) circuits. It can measure two motors simultaneously. By synchronizing two SPAW7000 Power Analysis Wavecorders, the mechanical output parameters of four motors can be measured simultaneously. It is especially suitable for robot performance assessment and testing.

Main Advantages
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Multi-channel Design
7 power measurement channels + 2 motor input channels. Support multi-instrument cooperation and modules with different voltage and current input ranges and different levels of precision
Multi-channel Design
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