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Dual-Motor Four-Wheel-Drive Testing Solution

At present, most of the new energy vehicles on the market have single motor and rear wheel drive. However, a lot power is required when driving at a high speed, a car with dual-motor and four-wheel-drive (FWD) can use dual-motor combined drive so that the two motors can both operate at the high-performance range to meet the power demand of the vehicle. Real-time switch of single-motor and dual-motor mode can make dual-motor FWD vehicles accommodate power performance and economical efficiency.

In recent years as electrification becomes a new trend for new energy vehicle, dual-motor FWD system gets a lot of attention. In simple terms, it can be considered as providing two engines for a car and offering front-wheel and rear-wheel drive so that the car can have stronger acceleration.

Solution Introduction

SUITA has been keeping pace with the progress in the industry so as to provide professional testing solutions for drive motors. Currently, for testing related to motor drive systems in the field of new energy vehicle, SUITA offers a new generation of instruments with ultra-high accuracy for power, such as Power Analysis Wavecorder, Bidirectional Programmable DC Power Supply, Regenerative AC Power Supply, and more. Furthermore, SUITA provides robust upper computer software, assisting engineers in data analysis, data output, and offering efficient solutions. For a dual-motor FWD system, real-time front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive interaction is very important. In a performance assessment for such vehicles, the front and rear motor power and both motors’ controller input and output power have to be measured with the same time sequence in order to calculate the power conversion efficiency and loss. But when the testing channels are insufficient, multiple testing equipment must be used. Under such circumstances, the testing results can only be integrated when all the tests are completed and it requires a lot of time and energy for analysis. The data error would be increased and measurement reproducibility is undermined. The power analysis wavecorder provided by SUITA has seven power measurement channels and two motor measurement channels. It can measure data and conduct real-time analyses at the same time, which improves work efficiency significantly.

Main Advantages
SUITA Electric's strong professional capabilities make its products more advantageous in related fields
SPAW7000 features 7 power channels and 2 motor channels, supporting a variety of voltage and current input ranges modules with distinct levels of precision. A maximum of 7 modules can be installed on a single instrument, each typically offering different specifications. This flexibility empowers users to select modules tailored to their specific requirements, thus customizing the instrument to accommodate a wide array of applications using just one power analyzer. We currently offer 8 modules with different specifications, with ongoing development of new modules.
SUITA Electric is committed to covering complex scenarios in various fields across the entire industry with its products.