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Industrial Robot Dual-Motor Testing Solution

The emergence of industrial robot significantly improves production efficiency and it is widely used in traditional manufacturing, smart manufacturing and new energy fields. However, the issue of the necessity of robot makers testing the dynamic and static performance of industrial robot is also exposed during its usage, and it has become a bottle neck limiting industrial robot usage. SUITA provides the SPAW7000 Power Analysis Wavecorder which can run a series of tests on industrial robot and provide a theoretical basis for users to design and optimize their industrial robot design.

The dynamic and static performance test of industrial robot is mainly about testing motor rotate speed, torque and other important parameters. The rotate speed and torque testing has become an important indicator for enterprises assessing the lifetime of industrial robot. The test can reflect the operating conditions of industrial robot in its current state visually, and provide reliable data analysis and report application demand to enterprises.

Solution Introduction

In order to solve the problems related to industrial robot dual-motor rotate speed and torque testing, SUITA provide the SPAW7000 Power Analysis Wavecorder with high measurement accuracy. SPAW7000 can achieve simultaneous testing for multi-channel motor boards. With the power board, motor board and torque and rotate speed sensor, it can assess various motors in a robot simultaneously and can test up to 2 motors at the same time. With the test and commissioning integration approach, enterprises and users can measure the overall performance of robot motor system more accurately.

Main Advantages
SUITA Electric's strong professional capabilities make its products more advantageous in related fields
High Accuracy
The power analyzer with the highest accuracy on the market, and the accuracy of the instrument is up to 0.01% of the reading.
High Accuracy
SUITA Electric is committed to covering complex scenarios in various fields across the entire industry with its products.